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Hi. My name is Julie July and I’m lead singer for a Folk-Rock band, recording and touring in the UK and Europe. If you’re reading this then I assume that you are familiar with our music, and that I might have hugged you after a concert or show at some point.  As a Patreon, you’ll be a part of our musical experience, and you’ll be helping us on our journey.

Due to the Covid-19 we’re in lockdown sadly, so all our tours are on hold till 2021.  However, the exciting news is that we are currently writing new songs for a second full length Folk-Rock album with plans to go back into studio at the end of the year with release in early 2021.

So here’s what’s in it for you:

1. Every month I’ll post exclusive Patreon-only videos of me and other band members where we will go into the stories behind our songs – stories that I hope will be highly entertaining and inspiring to listen to.
2. You’ll get the chance to hear early versions of what we’re working on, and I’ll be asking you for feedback on some of the material.
3. You’ll get an exclusive chance to hear previously unreleased treasures from the Archive.
4.  I hope to do some occasional live Q&A sessions, responding to Patreon’s questions or comments.
5.  If you come to one of our gigs once we’re back on the road, we’ll make sure you can sit in the front row – if you want to!

…And much more. It will be an eventful time ahead, and I’m looking forward to having you along for this journey. I’ll be curious to hear your feedback on the content that I post, and I am sure that the nature and emphasis of the content will evolve in tandem with your input and wishes!

Yours truly,

Julie July

P.S.  We want to treat all our Patreons the same and give access to all the material regardless of what you pledge each month.  If you like what we do and want to be a part of our journey I trust that you will pledge according to your means and what you feel that our effort is worth.

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